The Red Door Pizzeria

Handcrafted Wood Fired Pizza  

Quality Wood Fired Oven Pizza - Fully Licensed

This blank canvas has all the ingredients for a spectacular space.... this historic building in the village of Buninyong is the perfect setting for our customers to enjoy a relaxed, friendly, casual dine-in experience enjoying the great Italian style menu of The Red Door Pizzeria.  After having been transformed from a beautiful gift shop cafe, the owners, Matt and Nicky Sing, have worked hard to ensure that the building maintains all of its historic charm and rustic beauty.  

A Truly Stunning Space!

Rustic comfortable wecoming restaurant

A doorway is never just a doorway when it looks like this!  Every care has been taken to ensure that as much of the original character is maintained, sourcing recycled hardwood for renovations and repairs.  Thanks to Ben the master craftsman!

Rustic, comfortable amenties

.... and I know this looks a bit like another wood shed.... but wait to you see inside.

The Brand Spanking New Toilet Block (that looks like its 100 years old on the outside)  has the best you could find for everyone!

With the building of the new oven came the opportunity to give her the exotic touch she deserves in her new home.  Hand Painted Tunisian tiles were the order of the day.

Rustic Woodshed

..... and for every oven there is wood!

A little imagination, fence palings, and hard work from Matt and Luke.... and voila!

The coolest wood shed in town!

Enjoy Alfresco Dining in our new garden....

Heated Outdoor Beer Garden