The Red Door Pizzeria

Handcrafted Wood Fired Pizza  

Enjoy our own fresh pasta prepared to order on a Friday and Saturday night.

Order and pre-pay via the SKIP Ap, or call ahead. 
Please allow an extra 10 minutes onto the SKIP ap time,
 for preparation.  
A variety of sauces will be available each month showcasing simple, local & in-season ingredients.

Fresh Whole-egg Fettuccine - served with a light creamy tomato. garlic & basil sauce, topped with shaved Parmesan.


Recommended Adult serving - 150g

Fresh Whole-egg Spaghetti - served with garlic, butter & fresh sage, and finished with a sprinkle of crunchy Pangritatta, shaved Parmesan & delicately crisp sage leaves.



Adult serving - 150g