The Red Door Pizzeria, Buninyong

Handcrafted Wood Fired Pizza  

Our Valued Suppliers:

The Red Door Hens.... and Johnny the Rooster (pictured here with Lizzie)

Thanks to the generosity of one of our loyal customers, Noel; and the workmanship and creativity of Luke in building their home, we are now able to make all of our luscious desserts with our fresh free-range eggs.

If you're ever wondered why our housemade Vanilla Bean ice-cream looks a tad yellow.... you guessed it! Those yolks are magnificent.... and for their efforts, we thank them and wish them a long & happy life in our back yard!  Its also a great way to recycle all the kitchen scraps!

Given that making Ice-cream results in using lots and lots of egg yolks, we utilise the whites and extra yolks in the making of our homemade whole egg pasta.  We can offer our silkie pasta as an alternative when catering for large whole restaurant bookings - always happy to accommodate your needs.

INGLENOOK DAIRYNestled in the heart of Western Victoria, Inglenook Dairy is producing some of the finest milk you’re ever likely to taste, exactly the way nature made it. With a delicious and natural taste, and all manufactured 100% on the farm.

All of our housemade Ice creams and Semifreddo Desserts feature the amazing quality cream fresh from Inglenook.  No emulsifiers, no preservatives, no added anything!  We prepare our icecreams and frozen desserts with only Free Range Eggs, Sugar and seasonal fruit which is stewed and frozen for use during the winter months.  As close to a healthy dessert as you could possibly get!

FORREST BREWERY -  Currently featuring the popular Silvertop brew on tap at The Red Door Bar.  We also stock these other popular beers which have proven to be a great Brew!

Tap Beer will be rotated on a regular bases and will feature craft beers from boutique local brewers.... a great way to enjoy the best from your beer..... icy cold, straight from the tap!

PETTAVEL ROAD BREWING CO -  are a great supporter of the Restaurant and are able to provide a full range of ales as well as a crisp light apple cider for you to enjoy.  Brewed at the Mt Duneed Estate Winery near Geelong, we are currently featuring their Pale Ale on Tap and will be rotating other great craft beers throughout the year.

A must try next time you call in.... Cheers!

Bright Brewery is an independent business that cares about crafting genuine products from natural ingredients; playing our part to protect the beautiful environment that surrounds us; and encouraging active lifestyles that connect you with the outdoors; all celebrated with the enjoyment of great beers.

We also strive to ensure all our business operations and relationships are authentic, sustainable and active, underpinning the long term future and success of Bright Brewery and our team.

Robe Town Brewery

Their unique brewery embraces a simple and honest approach to brewing flavourful ales and beverages. The hand-made and cobbled brewhouse incorporates several historical and traditional brewing methods, recreating the kind of conditions in which ale and beer has been made for millennia: timber mash tuns with straw filtration for extracting sweet wort from malt; a wood-fired kettle for heating water and boiling/hopping the wort; open fermentation in a shallow, square tank; natural carbonation from secondary fermentation inside bottles or kegs.

BALLARAT MUSHROOM FARM  - A big thankyou to Tanya and Monique for their amazing mushrooms.  Each week they deliver firm, fresh, aromatic beautiful field mushrooms which transform our selection of Mushroom Pizzas from being tasty.... to simply superb!      Find them at local Farmers' Markets and try their marinated mushrooms.... fresh from the Farm.  Simply beautiful!

ISTRA SMALLGOODS - Daylesford -  We are fortunate to have the quality meats made at Istra in the traditional Italian style, so conveniently located in Daylesford.  To be able to do justice to the traditional Neopolitain Pizza style, only the highest quality meats will do, and this is the place to find them.  Their smoked salmon is exquisite and with the full range of Istra meats, makes us proud to present them to you on our Pizza's.
Norma's Kitchen is the creator of our unique Tomato Relish that adorns many of the Pizza's.  She is also Trevor's Mum and has been winning awards with this legendary Relish and many of her jams and condiments, for many years in shows across Victoria.  Thanks go to you, Betty Norma Whitworth.

Due to the popularity of this special relish, Norma has passed on her recipe to a regular at the Lake Wendouree Farmers' Market who is better able to keep up with our supply demand.... Thank you to Betty for all her efforts, its time for a bit of a rest!

Meredith Dairy - One of our most popular Pizza's is our Roast Pumpkin which is finished with the highest quality Meredith Goat's Cheese.  Now featuring in much of our menu, this succulent cheese is a real highlight.Winner of more awards than any of their other cheeses and made using the best fresh ingredients. Soft textured cubes of goats cheese drenched in garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, spices and fresh herbs.

WILSON'S FRUIT & VEGETABLE SUPPLIES has long been regarded as one of Ballarat's premium fruit and vegetable suppliers which means we can bring the freshest ingredients to you.  We personally select all of our quality ingredients and know that each week, the quality is reflected by the rich flavours on each of our carefully handcrafted pizza's.

YENDON GOURMET TOMATOES has become our supplier of spectacular tomatoes that are always fresh and full of flavour.  Fresh Basil, bursting with flavour and that aroma we all love, is also a specialty of theirs and we appreciate the consistent high quality produce that comes our way from both the Lake Wendouree Farmers' Market and the Local Buninyong Farmers' Market.